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Industrial security, as can be understood from the name, is the specialised security for the industrial sector. Industrial security involves the protection of all industrial installations, materials, resources, utilities, and even information that require safety as well as security from any kind of loss or theft.

Event Security

Event security refers to the security for any special and large events such as concerts, parties, weddings, exhibition, and many more. It is to make sure that each of the events is appropriately organised smoothly without any kind of interruption.

Training Services

According to the rule of the government, it is mandatory for the security guards to undergo a training of 21 days. Without this mandatory training, the guards are not deemed fit for work. In addition to this, there are a number of security agencies or companies that need trained guards. We provide individuals with the necessary training so that they can build a successful career in this profession.

Consultancy and Technical Services

We offer the businesses with a range of consultancy services to provide them with the necessary help to carry our several business activities. We assist the businesses requiring help with entry as well as the exit of a particular property. We conduct site visits and provide the users with complete planning, including installation as well as maintenance of security systems, and cameras. Our security and technical services help the users in making an informed decision. In addition to this, we provide the users with e surveillance as well as manpower as per the clients’ demands.

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