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Security is a wise investment. A lot of people mistaken it for expenditure but, it is quite the opposite. Hiring security and intelligence services are imperative for various organisations as they are able to manage the security & administrative activities very efficiently. At Cosmos, we make security and facility management easy for all our clients. It is easy to keep a check on people who are coming in and going out of a property. Apart from that, our security services will take care of your registry entries and the overall safety of the place.

As a security agency, we make sure to invest in the latest technology that meets the growing demand for integrated security solutions. At Cosmos, we have the drive to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Cosmos Detectives and Security guard services are one of the highly trusted professional security companies. We cater to all the demands of our clients which includes vigilance, detection, guarding, installation, personal safety and even security through gunman. We also provide guard facilities and private investigative services.

Our manpower is huge and also consists of ex-servicemen who have vast experience in dealing with all types of security. Cosmos has its own state-of-the-art, the well-equipped training centre for Security services and thus, our security personnel are considered the best & are able to perform all the duties very efficiently like record-keeping – maintaining an incoming and outgoing register, visitors register and using metal detectors for labour checking, raising alarm & managing people during critical conditions etc. 

The security supervisor is capable to lead his team in using all the high tech safety and security equipment so that they can provide the most advanced surveillance and intelligent security monitoring systems. Our guards maintain professional conduct as they are always in a uniform and are equipped with good communication skills as well. Our field officers are trained to present you with a prompt reply, whenever needed.

Cosmos has become a brand for security services. It is synonymous with quality solutions in the market. We have immense experience in the field with an in-house end to end band, with proficiency across various sectors. This is the major reason that we are able to address and fulfil the diverse and dynamic needs of our clients.        

We are a single point of contact for multiple security and intelligence services for our clients. We also have a 24×7 control room to facilitate our clients.

Our security services include the following:

  1. Industrial Security Services
  2. Commercial Security Services
  3. Residential Security Services
  4. Private Security Services / VIP Protection
  5. Detective & Intelligence Services
  6. Special Event Security Services
  7. Security Consultancy
  8. Security Audit
  9. Electronic Security Solutions
  10. Background Verification Check ( BVC )

Cosmos Manpower provides industrial security services for a wide variety of industrial environments. It refers to the protection of industrial installations, utilities, resources, materials and even classified information that needs safety from loss or damage.

When it comes to the security of any event, expertise is the most crucial aspect. This refers to the security that is needed while having huge events like weddings, concerts, parties, exhibitions, and much more.  Cosmos guarantees outstanding safety, security, and presence at any event.

All the security guards need to undergo training of 21 days as per the government rules. They are not fit to work directly and thus, we provide that training to them. Apart from that, other security companies need to be trained staff. Hence, we train people who want to build a career in this profession and help them with placements as well.

We provide our expertise in the form of consultancy. Thus, if a business requires help with the entry and exit of a particular property, we assist them. In fact, we go for site visits and give them a complete plan that includes the security installation equipment and camera placements. Our security services help you to make an informed decision. We also provide e-surveillance and manpower, if the client demands.   

This refers to security guards that are highly skilled and contain armored licenses. If your plant or site requires regular patrolling and keeping an eye from afar, we can do that. The squad also carries guns and a high level of safety equipment.  

These are some of our general security services. Apart from that, we also provide private and personal security services.

Our Private Investigation services include the following:

Background check services can protect your business by revealing pertinent information about a candidate's criminal history, identity, employment and education history, credit score, and more. We help companies run a background verification check of their prospective employees so that they can make better and informed decisions while hiring new candidates.

Although conducting a pre-employment screening is commonplace for most employers, the practice of post-employment screening is becoming more and more popular. In this case, we help companies run a background verification check on newly hired employees. It gives them an idea about the people working in their organization.

For this, our security agency helps you keep a check on your ex-employee. This helps when your ex-employee has joined a rival company. It is important to keep a check on him as he might be a threat to your business and existing clients. 

This refers to the checking of various assets with the viewpoint of security. Most companies continue investing and selling various assets. Hence, it is imperative to check and verify the creditworthiness and due diligence of each one.

This refers to the simple investigation of trademarks, patents, and copyrights of a particular thing.

We help grooms and brides run a background verification on each other and their families before their wedding. It helps them to make better decisions.

Our security guard services also include a security audit which helps in checking the amount of security you have in your property or area. We then guide you based on that. We will suggest you hire more or less or adequate security if needed. We also check the surveillance in the area and suggest to you the possible threats of not using it.

Our security services include a detailed investigation of any kind of theft or robbery.

At Cosmos, we provide surveillance on your rivals and their movements. This service is helpful to big businesses and corporate houses.

Insurance investigations are usually conducted to investigate matters pertaining to insurance claims that are suspicious or otherwise in doubt for some reason. One of the most common forms of insurance fraud is the exaggeration of injuries sustained in an accident.

Certain clients require handwriting verification security services, where it needs to be proved that who has written or signed a particular document.

We investigate any kind of bank frauds, small or big

Our security supervisor is trained to find missing people as well. We can help you with a private detective investigation on the same.

Cosmos Manpower Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed commercial security services provider that offers a wide range of security services to help your business run smoothly without any worries. We help you to avoid risks in business like possible theft of raw materials, inventory, or money and also protect against criminal activities. We excel in providing security to malls, restaurants, theatres, showrooms, and other commercial establishments.

Residential Security from our industrial protection security prove critical in any location’s security system, regardless of technological advancements. Whether it’s office space, apartments, single-family homes, complexes, or other retail establishments, we’re the first to act and resolve issues.

As experts, we are trained to provide effective building security and protect the structure by patrolling and monitoring individuals. We undertake 24-hour monitoring and execute a variety of duties. Our building security services safeguard property, money, and people in large commercial facilities and flats.

These are our security services. At Cosmos, we can provide:
  • Security Officer
  • Security Supervisors
  • Security Head Guards
  • Security Guards
  • Detective and Intelligence Services
  • Security Electronics Devices
  • Escorts Armed or Unarmed

Who can benefit from our security agency?

Our security and intelligence services can be used by anyone who is looking for safety or requires a professional yet private investigation on a certain matter. Some of the industries or places where our services can be used includes:

  • Corporate Houses
  • Multi-national Companies
  • Industries
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Malls and Multiplexes
  • Corporate Guest Houses
  • Bungalows

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